Simple Halloween Treat Bags

Simple Halloween Treat Bags

I do love little monsters! Halloween can be scary and yucky and gross and icky, but I love the goofier side to this fun holiday. The fall pumpkins, the silly costumes and the yummy candy. These simple Halloween treat bags are super easy and cute. Perfect as a little gift to share some Halloween “BOO” to someone special in your life.


These little cutie pattooties are going to my nieces and nephews. Perfect little gift from their favorite aunt! (and if I wasn’t their favorite aunt before…I will be now!!) -insert evil laugh here- I love my nieces and nephews and since they don’t get to come trick or treating at my house, these little bags of sugary goodness are perfect!

Simple Halloween Treat Bags

Super easy to create these little guys, here is your list of supplies:

  • small cellophane bags or small clear jars
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • candy in various colors
  • googly eyes
  • black permanent marker
  • small tags with Halloween sentiments (totally optional)

I found those awesome Sixlets candies in the baking isle at Walmart for $1.00. Score! To make these all you need to do is fill your cello bag or plastic jar with candy, tie it up with some ribbon, draw a face, attach the eyes or a tag and you are done! Note: make sure to draw the face on the bag with your permanent marker BEFORE you fill it with candy! Much easier that way :).

In addition to the sixlets candy monsters I also made some with Nerds. This might sound weird, but Nerds are one of my all time favorite candies! After 11 years of marriage my husband still thinks this is disgusting and cannot understand my love of these little rocks of colored sugar. I don’t know why anyone doesn’t LOVE them?!?!? Little nuggets of sugar…what is NOT to love?

Simple Halloween Treat Bags

I also really love googly eyes, they are goofy! Plus…it is such a fun thing to say… Googly eyes, hee hee!

Here is the round up of simple Halloween treat bag monsters that will be making the rounds to my sweet nieces and nephews.

Simple Halloween Treat Bags

What do you think, will they like them?

Thanks for stopping by here for a visit and for reading this blog post all the way to the end! Hope you and your little “monsters” have a great Halloween this year!

Happy Halloween!

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