Teacher Gift

Teacher Gift

I know that I have posted several teacher appreciation posts lately, and I can’t promise that this will be the last one! {wink} We just have quite a few awesome teachers this year that deserve lots of great thanks! It is almost the end of the school year, just 6 more school days left, and I like to give a teacher gift to them at the end of the year in addition to what I gave them during teacher appreciation week.

Just a little thanks for all their hard work all school year long and to let them know that I think they are awesome, and that I will miss having them as my children’s teachers. I always get to know my girl’s teachers so well, and then when the school year is done it is sad for me, and for my girls too, to say goodbye.

Teacher Gift

This teacher gift is super easy and super affordable. Just buy a can of nuts, choose your favorite kind. I picked a Honey Roasted mix because it is my favorite and hopefully with all the nuts in the can to choose from, there will be something in there they will like.

Teacher Gift

Print the free printable, cut it out, wrap it around the can and glue, I used a glue gun to make sure it stayed on there really well.

Then give it to your favorite teacher to show them you are “NUTS” about them!

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