20 EASY {Last Minute} Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Elf on Shelf Collage

Here are some EASY {last minute} Elf on the Shelf Ideas to help you get through to Christmas with creative “elfing”. I like easy and creative and thank goodness there are so many people out there that share their awesomeness so that I too can  be an awesome parent and not even have to work that hard at it. I love having our elf Rosey at our house but I was starting to run low on ideas of things to have her do each night. This list is great, thanks to everyone whose ideas I featured, you made this tired and sick prego mommy’s job a little easier this Christmas!


Hack Your Elf – Make him bendable and grippy from Dirty Diaper Laundry. GENIUS! Definitely doing this to our Elf!


What a hoot to put the kids in the car for school in the morning and there is our elf, all buckled in ready to go.

Image from Pinterest, source not found 🙁


Oh, boy what a naughty little elf that barricaded your child in their room! What a fun thing for your kids to wake up to from Living Locurto


I love a cute printable and this one is as cute as they come. Thanks goes to Living Locurto for this one!


Ok, last one from Living Locurto (man is she talented!) but this gift card holder is adorable. It is super easy to assemble and could hold little treats or notes, really anything from your Elf or from Santa!


Love this although again the image is from pinterest source unknown . Love that the Elf is taking time to remind us of the true meaning of the season. 


Super cute from Snippets from Suburbia. I used this one last year when my kiddos went to bed so late I didn’t have time to do anything super creative with our Elf. Worked great!


Here is another super cute one from Pinterest that didn’t have a source! Why does that happen so much? Ugh it is so annoying! But my girls would definitely get a kick out of our Elf playing dress up!


My girls love to get notes in their lunches, how much better to have a note and our Elf make their lunch?!?! Idea from lilblueboo.


Here is the Elf relaxing. Love this! Thanks to Rae of Light.


Super cute from Magnolia Creative, a report card from your elf on your child’s behavior! Perfect.


And to finish off the Elf roundup, here is a fantastic printable from Lovely Living. It is a great set of planning printables to plan out your Elf’s daily antics through the whole season! I love lists (yes, I am one of those…) so I printing this out ASAP!

Hope this round up helps you as much as it helps me!!

Have fun “ELFING” around!!

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