Living the Dream

Living the Dream

I often feel a bit like Cinderella. Not the Cinderella in this picture above though…… maybe this one is little more like it!

Living the Dream

 I often feel stressed, constantly cleaning and running and never catching up. I feel under appreciated, dirty, messy, and when I compare myself to others I find myself sadly lacking. Others seem to have it together, their hair is always styled and CLEAN, and their children sweet and well behaved. This of course is not true, I think everyone feels like they just can’t keep up with it all sometimes. We have to be so careful to not compare ourselves to others and to just focus on ourselves and be the best we can be! The truth is that we may feel like Cinderella, in rags and covered in grime, but in reality we are really beautiful and amazing and talented. Some days we just get a little worn down.

Perhaps we just need a little change in our perspective. Look at Cinderella in her rags in this picture, she is happy! So regardless of our daily circumstances, perhaps it is how we view it that makes the difference??!!

Living the Dream

So instead of waiting for our Fairy Godmother to swoop in and make our dreams come true, stop and remember that right now your dreams are already coming true!

cinderella fairy godmother 32turns

 My husband’s most common reply when asked how he is doing is “Living the dream, I am just living the dream.” Now of course you can hear this reply in your head, it is said with a crooked smile and dripping with sarcasm. If you know my husband you can totally see him answering this way: ) Love you Babe! But what I realized a few weeks ago is that I AM LIVING THE DREAM! I am living my dream, you are living your dream, we are all right now, this very minute living a life that was once just a dream in our heads.

Didn’t you dream when you were little of having a kitchen to cook and clean it, you probably even had a play kitchen to assist you in this dream. Did you every dream of being married, having kids, having your own house, being able to drive, having a best friend, having a job….the list goes on forever. Just stop and think of all the things you have in your life that were once “just a dream”. So when someone asks you how you are doing you can stop, hit them with a smile full on in the face and reply, “I am living the dream, just living the dream.” Except no sarcasm, it will be a true statement. You are living your dreams.

Just be you! You are amazing. Go live your life full of your own dreams come true. Watch and see and be patient, enjoy the little moments. I know this post is a bit sappy and upbeat!! But I mean it, I love when I have a shift in my attitude towards my life and my everyday tasks. I just wanted to share. Hugs!

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3 Responses to Living the Dream

  • So true, so true.

  • It’s funny that you say “others have their hair clean and styled and their children behave” I mean that’s what I think of when I think of you. As I sit here in Capri yoga pants, a messy pony, and a huge old stained Mariners shirt that used to be Dad’s, I am sure you never do this! haha but the kids and hubby are fed and happy and The house isn’t embarrassingly messy, so I’m calling it good!

  • Thank you!! Such an uplifting post! I think more women need to be real with their feelings, good and bad, and also know how to discard those negative feelings and remember how blessed we truly are.

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