Merry “Kissmas” Free Printable

Merry Kissmas Free Printable

Free Printable!!! Merry “Kissmas” and a Happy New Year!!!

Hi Friends! Can you believe Christmas is NEXT week?!?! Time for some quick  last minute gifts for neighbors, teachers and friends. These tags are perfect to go on your baked goods or holiday treats! Anything yummy that incorporates a Hershey’s Kiss. I am short on time lately so I opted for the store bought treat option….no judging okay! I love these candy cane Hershey Kisses and try to eat as many of them as I can before the holiday is over and you can’t buy them anymore. Thanks to Oriental Trading I had some great jars to put those tasty little morsels in. Have you seen Oriental Trading collection of jars to buy, so many awesome shapes and sizes. I like jars, they store stuff and are great for gifts and are just cute.

I wanted to snazzy up my cute jars so I took some Continue reading

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Holiday Shopping for Kids at Target #MKOH & Gift Card GIVEAWAY!!!


Holiday Shopping

Oh boy, a family shopping trip to Target! You can tell by my husband’s face above that shopping during the Holiday Season is his favorite thing to do! LOL! We headed off to Target one evening this week to do some PRE Holiday Shopping. What is pre-holiday shopping you ask? Well, family members keep asking us what our girls would like for Christmas and to be honest I just wasn’t sure. So, we took them to Target and let them peruse the toy aisles and took pictures of the the toys they stopped and looked at, the toys they picked up and didn’t want to put down and the things that they oohed and aahed over. I actually think it was a genius idea 🙂 even my hubby had a great time and we got some really Continue reading

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Easy Memory Keeping with Michaels Recollection Calendar Kit

Michaels Recollection Calendar Kit

Where has the time gone!!?? It is less than 2 weeks until Christmas! Time flies by so fast and there is so much that I want to remember forever! Life just happens so quickly, especially during the holidays and I know if I do not document the little and the big moments that they will pass by and fade into my memory. Being proactive about memory keeping is super important to me. I want to write down those special memories now so that I don’t forget them later. Proactive…sometimes a scary word, but no worries, there is a super simple way to jot down those memories and save those favorite pictures and keep them forever! Continue reading

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Sunday Feel Good – Christmas Joy

Almost nothing during the entire Christmas season brings me more joy than Christmas music. I start listening to it well before Thanksgiving and I listen to it every day until the new year begins. My husband is not such a big fan, but he knows how important it is to me and sometime over the last 11 years of marriage he has become ok with it 🙂 Love that man!

Music speaks to my soul. It makes me feel joy and peace. I love when a great Christmas song fills my home with the spirit of Christmas. I wanted to share a video with you today for our Sunday Feel Good moment of The Piano Guys. If you haven’t heard of them, you need to look them up on YouTube and binge watch their music videos. Steve Nelson is incredible on the cello and Jon Schmidt is absolutely ah-mazing on the piano.

I play the piano, I teach the piano, I love listening to someone who can rock the piano keys, and Jon Schmidt is my favorite. He plays a holiday concert here in Mesa, AZ every year and I catch it and love it every year. One year I took my husband, another year I took one of my piano students. It is such a wonderful concert that is seriously entertaining both musically and comically. Those Piano Guys are a hoot! Just watch this video to see some amazing talent producing some seriously amazing music! I have never seen anything like it!

I hope you enjoy this song and that it brings a smile to your face and helps bring the spirit of Christmas into your home.

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PTA Membership Drive

PTSA-Membership-Drive-Display-(2)I spend SO much of my time every day of the week working in my role as PTSA president for my daughters’ school. I LOVE their elementary school. I LOVE the principal, I LOVE the teachers and staff members, I LOVE the campus and the atmosphere they have created for all the students there. I LOVE it so much that I volunteer my life away just trying tohelp keep it an awesome place and provide fun activities, resources, and quality education for my kids and all the other 750 students. I LOVE being involved in the PTA, it is sometimes stressful but it is awesome and rewarding.

But…because it is so time consuming, it leaves me with less time in my life to blog, and be a homemaker. I have really had to prioritize my Continue reading

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