Sunday Feel Good

Sunday Feel Good #4 – Just Go For it!!!

Today’s Sunday Feel Good is all about just GOING FOR IT! When you love something, when you enjoy something, when there is something you want to do or something you want to be just go for it! Believe in yourself, find the amazing that you already are, this world needs more people that follow their dreams and shoot for the stars.

I hope this video makes you smile and even though these 2 cute little girls are in no way professional singers, it just goes to show that you can be amazing when you go all in!



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Sunday Feel Good #3 – Take Time to Invest in the Moments

Taking the time to invest in the moments. Sounds easy right! But for me (and hopefully at least one other person out there so I don’t feel like a fool) it is really not so easy most of the time. I live my life in a state of almost constant running. Running to get things done and check them off the to do list that will really never get completed. Running to pick up and drop off kids, and run errands, and try to keep up with the housework, and church callings, and teaching piano, and PTA responsibilities. Plus I want to be a good wife, mom, daughter and friend. Whoa!! That is a lot and it makes it hard for me who likes to do everything well to really get ANYTHING done at all! Much less to get it done well .

Can anyone relate? I often Continue reading

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Sunday Feel Good – Christmas Joy

Almost nothing during the entire Christmas season brings me more joy than Christmas music. I start listening to it well before Thanksgiving and I listen to it every day until the new year begins. My husband is not such a big fan, but he knows how important it is to me and sometime over the last 11 years of marriage he has become ok with it 🙂 Love that man!

Music speaks to my soul. It makes me feel joy and peace. I love when a great Christmas song fills my home with the spirit of Christmas. I wanted to share a video with you today for our Sunday Feel Good moment of The Piano Guys. If you haven’t heard of them, you need to look them up on YouTube and binge watch their music videos. Steve Nelson is incredible on the cello and Jon Schmidt is absolutely ah-mazing on the piano.

I play the piano, I teach the piano, I love listening to someone who can rock the piano keys, and Jon Schmidt is my favorite. He plays a holiday concert here in Mesa, AZ every year and I catch it and love it every year. One year I took my husband, another year I took one of my piano students. It is such a wonderful concert that is seriously entertaining both musically and comically. Those Piano Guys are a hoot! Just watch this video to see some amazing talent producing some seriously amazing music! I have never seen anything like it!

I hope you enjoy this song and that it brings a smile to your face and helps bring the spirit of Christmas into your home.

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Sunday Feel Good Moment

Today I was cruising around some other bloggers sites as I like to do. I love to read and look at what other great bloggers are doing. It gives me motivations, ideas, and reminds me why I started my own blog. This afternoon I stumbled upon a blog I haven’t read before The Mom Creative. I got sucked in….have you ever had that happen to you? I started looking at this cute blog layout and design and analyzing the things I liked about it, then I started to read the content and 30 minutes later I found myself still there clicking around. Jessica of the Mom Creative, in my opinion, has hit blogging on the head and I love it!

I want to share a video that I watched on her blog. It uplifted me today. It made me teary eyed. It made me believe in humanity. It made me want to be a better person and help others to be better. This video is all about a fantastic program, I hope you take the time to watch it, and that it gives you a Sunday feel good moment. It sure did for me. Thanks for sharing Jessica. If you have time you should definitely check out her site, but make sure you have some time because you might get stuck there for awhile! LOL!

To learn more about Timothy’s Gift click here.

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