Sunday Feel Good #3 – Take Time to Invest in the Moments

Taking the time to invest in the moments. Sounds easy right! But for me (and hopefully at least one other person out there so I don’t feel like a fool) it is really not so easy most of the time. I live my life in a state of almost constant running. Running to get things done and check them off the to do list that will really never get completed. Running to pick up and drop off kids, and run errands, and try to keep up with the housework, and church callings, and teaching piano, and PTA responsibilities. Plus I want to be a good wife, mom, daughter and friend. Whoa!! That is a lot and it makes it hard for me who likes to do everything well to really get ANYTHING done at all! Much less to get it done well .

Can anyone relate? I often load too much on my plate and the people that suffer from that are the people I love most. My family and closest friends. They get me in my full on stressed and harried state of being. I am sorry to them and I vow to do better. I love this video I am sharing today for Sunday Feel Good not only because it is the sweetest wedding proposal you have ever seen and it will totally make you cry. But because it reminds me ( and I have watched it like 14 times) how wonderful it can be to invest in the moments. The big moments (like the one in the video) and the small everyday moments. That stopping and taking the time and investing ourselves in the moment, show our loved ones how much we really and truly love and cherish them.

I don’t want my kids to remember me always hurrying them from place to place, or pushing them and their wants aside so I could get other things done. I want them to remember me as always having time for them. I want them to remember that I used my time as a mom to make moments loving and fun and sometimes magical.

I hope you enjoy this video, I love it. And I hope it encourages you, like it did me, to be a little better. To step up and show the people in our lives that we love them enough to take the time and show them.

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4 Responses to Sunday Feel Good #3 – Take Time to Invest in the Moments

  • Oh my goodness I could watch that over and over! It’s adorable, so special. LOVE!!!

  • Love this! And the video is awesome!! I decided to have a personal saying that I put on my fridge for the year to help me remember it. My saying this year is “Live in the Moment”. I agree that I put my kids off for so many trivial things and even my husband because they will still be there when I am done with the dishes, or my facebook right? I want to look back on my life and be able to say that I really enjoyed my kids and not have too many regrets about how I spent my time. And it is so true that your to do list is never done, more things just keep getting put on there and things you crossed off yesterday jump right back on.

  • So true, I had a woman tell me one day that her son told her she spent too much time cleaning during there childhood. That he remembers them always having a clean house and food, but he doesnt remember her taking as much time playing with them or just being with them. Her intention was to remind me the house doesnt have to be perfect. Its okay to take a break from all that craziness and just be….

    Luv ya!

    • My mom tell’s me something similiar all the time. That she wishes that she had spent less time worrying about whether we had clean faces and matching clothes, and a clean house and just spent time playing with us when we were little. She said it goes by so fast. You have to try and remember to enjoy it while you have it. Sounds easy, but tends to be so hard for me. Keep on trying though, that is my motto. Love ya sis!

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